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The environmental protection


  Start to disintegrate when submerge for an hour in water.
  Disintegrates completely in a few weeks.

100 % biodegradable, vegetal and ecological product around the following values:

  • Environment: Plastic waste accumulates in the discharges, the carbon dioxide rate increases regularly in the atmosphere. BioTee®Golf wants to act for the respect of the environment while designing and by producing biodegradable tees.

  • Innovation: Thanks to a new concept which
    associates biodegradable material, BioTee®Golf
    propose a biodegradable and vegetal golf tee.

  • Sustainable development: All materials comes from 100% french agricultural waste.

  • Take part in the protection of the forest: By using BioTee®Golf, you help
    to save million trees which are destroyed every year in order to produce traditional tees out of wooden.

  • Do not pollute and respect the golf course.

  • 100% biodegradable in the water.

BioTee®golf - Ethic for golf - For the respect of golf course and the environment protection
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