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Technical references of BioTee®Golf

  • 100% vegetal
  • Made in France
  • Use in wet and dry weather
  • Very solid
  • 6cm

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"Agromaterials in place of the plastic"


  • Fibres
    Associated to starch and proteins thermoplastic matrix the fibres play a part of the reinforcement which improves the mechanical properties of BioTee®Golf.

  • Starch and proteins
    Associated to starch , the proteins form the thermoplastic matrix of BioTee®Golf.

  • Lipids
    Their lubricating action takes part in the conception of BioTee®Golf.

  • Additives
    They ensure the technical feasibility of BioTee®Golf without deteriorating its biodeterioration.


Innovation 1st Price Innovact 2006
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Innovation 1st Price Bio&Techs 2005

Greenkeepers association: 3 hearts:
Recommended by the French association
of golf course maintenance
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Recommended by the French Golf director association
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Manufacturer of the raw material

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Confidence Agri certification, ISO 9002

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Biodeterioration test according to AFNOR standard

A.N.V.A.R. Midi-Pyrénées

Regional council Midi-Pyrénées

1st price of the twentieth ADERMIP innovation contest
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Referred “innovations 2002” EUROPLAST
(June 2002) in Paris - Villepinte
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Golf des Marques - Webstore
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French association of disabled golfers
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  • US Patent 6,207,196 (Date of publication: 27/03/2001)
  • FR Patent 2783740 (Date of publication: 30/03/2000)

  • Trade mark

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